2-6 Players
1 Hour
Bangor High Street

Something weird is going on in town. The children are acting strange and are spending an unreasonable amount of time at… THE POST OFFICE!! Nothing seems to be off in the building, it’s all business as usual. The management there all insist that the reports of cloaked figures seen entering the building at night are just wild rumors. You have been asked to investigate these strange events by one of the low level employees of the post office. He is a little strange and has been running the local UFO spotters society for the past decade but something tells you that this time he is on to something. Can you help him out and discover the meaning of SPUG!

This room features a lot of puzzles that require good eyesight and colour recognition. If these types of puzzles are an issue for your group then let us know and we will help out in any way we can.

BONUS PUZZLES!! We wish to make our rooms accessible for all who visit. Unfortunately, for those of you who love escape rooms and have much more experience than everyone else, the experience may be too easy. So in this room we have added some extra puzzles that can be attempted by anyone who finishes the main experience with more than 20 minutes left on the clock.